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Troubleshooting Facebook Content Boost Ad problems

This guide aims to help you resolve any issues you might have when creating a new Content Boost or if you have issues with it not going live and how to resolve the most common issues.

Trouble Creating an Ad

Whilst we’ve tried to make creating a Boost Ad as simple and reliable as possible, some issues can arise during the creation phase.

My ad account isn’t showing up

The usual cause of this is that either you are not signed into Facebook with the correct account. Or, you do not have the correct access to load the Ad Accounts for your business.

To resolve this, first, check you are logged into Facebook with the account you are expecting to us.

Then to check that you have permission to access the Ad Account, either:

  • go to the page you are boosting to and ensure you can access the Ad Centre at the top of the page
  • or if you’re using Facebook’s Business Manager, go to the Ad Manager in there

From there, you will be able to tell if you have access to the account.

Please note: in some cases where an account is managed by a 3rd party or your business uses quite granular permissions, sometimes it can look like you have access but actually don’t have enough access. In that instance, the only way to resolve it is to get an administrator of the account to reconnect the page token.

The saved audiences are not coming through from Facebook

This is usually related to the above answer where the Ad Account is not showing up.  Fixing that permission will usually resolve this problem.

A second reason this can happen is that the account is not using simple audiences, but is instead using Look-a-like audiences for example. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot currently support due to security restrictions but plan to implement a safe solution soon within Metigy to allow you to easily create audiences.

The solution in the 2nd case is to go into Facebook Ad Manager or Ad Centre and create a simple audience.

I can’t save my Content Boost

To save your content boost, you need to have completed all of the fields and accepted Facebook’s Terms and Conditions via the checkbox at the end. The reason for this is because they are managing the Ad once it is live using your billing account.

Anything that is not completed will be highlighted for you to easily identify.

One thing to note is that Facebook requires a minimum of $5 a day spend, so make sure you’ve set it high enough.

Why Did my Content Boost Fail to publish?

These errors typically occur on pre-scheduled Boost Ads where something has changed in your account since it was set up. In most cases, you will need to re-create the Ad once you’ve fixed the issue.

Is the token valid and do you still have permission

Occasionally, a token will expire between the time the Ad was created and the time it is scheduled to go live. Additionally, sometimes a user’s permission could have changed.

To check this please use the same check as above and be sure to read the support article

Note: Facebook is meant to invalidate a token if a user’s permission changes, but we have had instances where they have failed to do so which causes an error on publishing.

Is the selected Ad Account active and enabled

The next thing to be checking is that the actual Ad Account you’re using for the Ad is active. Sometimes it can be paused if Facebook flagged an Ad as invalid. Or if there is a payment issue.

To resolve this you can refer to the Facebook support article on Troubleshoot a disabled ad account.

What else can I do?

If none of the above helps, then please reach out to Metigy support and we’ll work to resolve the issue with you!

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