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Case Study: How BIRDI utilised Metigy’s marketing intelligence to double its social media audience in just six weeks

3rd December 2020

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The BIRDI platform helps businesses efficiently and easily integrate drones into their operations. This includes everything from pilot selection through to hardware, insurance, mission planning and operational health and safety.

Businesses can access more than 1,400 drone users across Australia through BIRDI. The platform also enables any business to leverage the insights provided by drone data and simplifies drone integration by enabling any user to plan a task or flight, organise a pilot, manage data and gather insights.

BIRDI and Metigy

BIRDI uses Metigy to streamline its marketing operations by identifying trends and monitoring their competitors’ marketing activities. The insights gained from Metigy’s marketing intelligence allows BIRDI to tailor its marketing to messaging that has already proved successful.

Using Metigy insights on trends and successful competitor campaigns not only saves time and resources spent on Marketing, it has helped BIRDI achieve staggering marketing ROI.

How BIRDI used Metigy to double its Facebook audience in just six weeks

Kirra Stutchbury, Head of Projects & Communications at BIRDI recently joined Episode 10 of Metigy’s Forward Thinking podcast. She explained that Metigy was fundamental to gathering insights on current trends and helped BIRDI tailor its marketing to suit.


“We’ve been a Metigy user for a while and it’s been a tool that’s been incredibly helpful in helping me understand the trends that are out there and industry-specific trends. So looking at a company that we admire in terms of their marketing campaigns and really drilling down into how often they post, what sort of topics they post on, what channels they post on, to gather understanding and insights, is really helpful with our tactical marketing. And so that’s been a really interesting and useful tool for me to use,” Kirra explained.

The insights led BIRDI to launch a weekly drone photo competition, which focused on highlighting the natural beauty of Australia. Six weekly winners were chosen, helping to highlight the talent of the BIRDI platform users. The results of the six week campaign were staggering:

  • 630k impressions (organic)
  • 300k reach (organic)
  • 2 x increase in Facebook audience
  • 25% increase in Instagram audience

This increased exposure also resulted in requests for direct purchases of images. Another positive outcome, which will pay dividends for BIRDI in the future is that the Google algorithm rewards user-generated content with a potential 333% increase in organic traffic.


Using Metigy to analyse competitor marketing and trending insights helped BIRDI understand what resonates with its audience. Applying these insights to tactical campaigns has allowed BIRDI to sharply grow its Facebook and Instagram audiences within a six week period, while at the same time saving time and resources on marketing.

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